About us

Who we are

We believe it is our obligation as Christian men to care for those in need.

AmericanHelper was founded in 2007 by Jim Wenzel and David Eastes who visited the Philippines – one to adopt children and one to work with a local corporation.  It struck them that poverty, malnutrition, homelessness, and hopelessness could be such a problem from such kind people.  As we continued researching the conditions of the population, we found a high percentage of poverty, a high percentage of malnutrition, and an unacceptable level of human trafficking including children.

We then realized that as American businessmen, we are considered wealthy by their terms even though we believed that we lived modestly in the United States.  How could there be such a disparity?  We believe that, as Christian men, it is our obligation to care for those in need – especially to care for widows and orphans.

Our approach

Our Mission
To apply spiritual, physical and financial resources to Filipinos in need.

By forming this non-profit corporation, we intend to apply the spiritual, physical and financial resources of Americans to help Filipinos in need.  Financial gifts go to providing the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and education. When delivered, they come with a message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision
To bring hope to boys so that they can grow to be adults rising above their situation in poverty.

To make a difference in the lives of many citizens, but especially impoverished boys, of the Philippines. With a new hope in their new life, children can grow to be adults rising above their current situation in poverty.

Numbers that speak

The actual number of children living on the streets of the Philippines is difficult to determine due to poor record keeping. Some street children have homes to return to while others make their home there. Others are abandoned.

Regardless, street children are more likely to live in poverty, be deprived of access to education and other social services, and experience social discrimination. They are also less likely to have of access to justice or legal status.


Street children in the Philippines


Live on the streets


Work on the streets


Are abandoned

Our Partners

AmericanHelper partners with local organizations in the Philippines that are committed to helping those living in poverty. The Children’s Garden of the Philippines rescues boys living on the street by providing them food, clothing and shelter – as well as a grounding in Christian faith. When broken family relations exist, Children’s Garden staff work with the youth and their parents to reconcile their differences.


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