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According to the Medium-term Philippine Development Plan (2004-2010), approximately 77% of 5 year-old children are served by accredited public and private preschools and by local government unit or LGU-run day care centers. The quality of services provided in preschools and day care centers varies in terms of curricula.  Not all children of poorest households are covered by existing Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) programs. 23% of children who are supposed to avail of ECCD are not yet served.

The Philippine government believes “Education is the right of every Filipino. It is a key investment that can break the Filipino’s seemingly endless cycle of poverty, and provides the people, particularly the youth, with more opportunities.  In a world where knowledge has become a crucial element for nations to prosper and compete, primacy is placed on quality and accessible lifelong learning, from early childhood development to primary, secondary and tertiary learning.” We could not have said it better!