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According to the Asian Development Bank, shelter in the Philippines is not affordable for the poor and more than 40% of urban families live in makeshift dwellings in informal settlements. Nearly 57% of urban residents and 67% of rural residents are living in “extralegal dwellings.”

These squatter villages or shanty towns are often built on landfills or geologically unstable terrain. Landfills and urban pollution certainly contribute to the health problems of many of these children and their families.

Furthermore, many of the rural poor live on land that is prone to mudslides and flooding which poses significant hazards. Each year, typhoons and torrential rains claim hundreds of lives and displacing hundreds more. Many of these could be easily prevented if only secure housing were available.

It is our goal to help families meet their very basic needs. We believe that a safe and secure home can provide many benefits to children and their families. Not only can we provide safe harbor from inclement weather, but we can rescue families from the unhealthy environments they are likely to be living in now.