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Low pay and large families make it difficult for many families in the Philippines to afford clothing. For most working parents choosing to buy work clothes or clothes for their children are mutually exclusive decisions. They must be presentable for their employer and yet their children should be properly dressed for school.

Nearly 50% of the population in the Philippines lives below the country’s poverty line. To purchase a shirt and slacks for work, it costs approximately 900 Pesos or roughly what a Filipino worker would be paid for 23 hours of work. For the dignity of the family and the esteem of the children, AmericanHelper is choosing to help supplement the family clothing budget for those families we will be working with

The following table illustrates the problem families face in buying clothes for their family.


**Items were non-brand name items comparable to many store brands.
– The average wage for a Filipino is 41 PHP.  This figure is derived from an average annual income of 85,373 PHP in the rural Philippines or approx. 330 PHP per 8 hour day.
– The average wage for an American is $19.38.  $19.38 is the average income on an hourly basis of working Americans, both wage figures are from the respective 2006 Bureau of Labor Statistics.