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At AmericanHelper, we believe Americans have been blessed with freedoms and opportunities to succeed that places us in a position to share our wealth and skills with those less fortunate. By combining our resources and passion, we will be able to help the poor become self-sufficient. This is accomplished in the following ways:

PurposeHope Through Faith: By having a personal relationship in Jesus Christ, a person knows they have forgiveness of sins and salvation through grace and not merely “good deeds”.

Meeting Basic Needs: By having food on the table, clothes to wear, a roof overhead, and proper medical attention, a person can focus beyond meeting the daily needs of the body.

Receiving an Education: By continuing their education, people can develop the skills and background desired by employers in their marketplace.  This enables them to either secure work or establish their own business ultimatley providing work for others.

Attaining Meaningful Work: AmericanHelper’s training programs are tailored to align with the needs of manufacturers, service providers, and contractors within the local marketplace.